Best Jiggle Proof Sports Bra

As it may be clear by now, I am into working out. I love me a good plyometrics exercise, a good body pump and a good long yog (with a soft j). But one thing I hate more than anything is when your girls have no support and a boob hits your knees and face in one swift action…even if you have no boobs. I basically like to have mine strapped to my chest so there is virtually no movement, especially in a soccer game when I am cutting and sprinting and playing against boys. I used to wear two sports bras in high school, until I found these. sports

These are a part of Old Navy’s Active line, which Becky wrote about here, and aside from their compression capris, these are my favorite thing they sell. They come in tons of fun colors, are usually on sale, and I promise you,  you will not need duct tape anywhere in the near future (cue scene from Now and Then where Christina Ricci tapes down her chest). If you are looking for a good fit, a tight fit, and a liner for ultimate protection – this is your bra. The thick straps and band underneath are supportive and I pretty much don’t wear any other bra during any different workout!

Any other suggestions for worth it workout gear?


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